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À Primeira Vista. Daniela Mercury. Quando não tinha nada, eu quis. Quando tudo era ausência, esperei. Quando tive frio, tremi. Quando tive coragem, liguei. O Canto Da Cidade - Ivete Sangalo - Daniela Mercury - Durval Lelys Música Boa Ao À Primeira Vista - Daniela Mercury - Thiaguinho Música Boa Ao Vivo. Baixe Daniela Mercury A Primeira Vista e mais de 1 milhão de músicas de graça.

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Daniela é considerada uma das maiores cantoras, e mais famosas de axé music, e é conhecida como a rainha deste gênero musical. Daniela Mercury. Other noteworthy songs on Daniela are "Todo Canto Alegre," written by Carlinhos Brown , himself a future superstar, and also "Geléia Geral," written and originally performed by Gilberto Gil during his formative years. Portal do Governo Brasileiro. Quinta-feira 4 de Abril de Categories : Daniela Mercury songs Chico César songs songs. But in between there was a lot of 'when'. Sexta-feira 23 de Agosto de Quinta-feira 20 de Junho de Terça-feira 20 de Agosto de

O Canto Da Cidade - Ivete Sangalo - Daniela Mercury - Durval Lelys Música Boa Ao À Primeira Vista - Daniela Mercury - Thiaguinho Música Boa Ao Vivo. Baixe Daniela Mercury A Primeira Vista e mais de 1 milhão de músicas de graça. A Primeira Vista - Daniela Mercury música para ouvir e letra no Kboing. A Primeira Vista. Daniela Mercury. Quando não tinha nada eu quis. Quando tudo era ausência esperei. Quando tive frio tremi. Quando tive coragem liguei. Baixar: Daniela mercury a primeira vista mp3 donwload! Daniela mercury a primeira vista palco mp3, Daniela mercury a primeira vista 4shared, ouvir musica .

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Reproduzir faixa. Imagens do artista mais. Daniela Mercury Mercury é conhecida como a rainha deste gênero musical. Daniela Mercuri de Almeida Salvador, 28 de julho de , conhecida simplesmente como Daniela Mercury, é uma cantora, compositora, dançarina brasileira de axe music , samba-reggae e MPB. M… leia mais. Mercury é conhecida como a rainha deste gênero … leia mais.

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Segunda-feira 1 de Abril de Terça-feira 2 de Abril de Quarta-feira 3 de Abril de Quinta-feira 4 de Abril de Sexta-feira 5 de Abril de Domingo 7 de Abril de Segunda-feira 8 de Abril de Terça-feira 9 de Abril de Quarta-feira 10 de Abril de Quinta-feira 11 de Abril de Sexta-feira 12 de Abril de Domingo 14 de Abril de Segunda-feira 15 de Abril de Terça-feira 16 de Abril de Quarta-feira 17 de Abril de Quinta-feira 18 de Abril de Sexta-feira 19 de Abril de Domingo 21 de Abril de Segunda-feira 22 de Abril de Terça-feira 23 de Abril de Quarta-feira 24 de Abril de Quinta-feira 25 de Abril de Sexta-feira 26 de Abril de Domingo 28 de Abril de Segunda-feira 29 de Abril de Terça-feira 30 de Abril de Quarta-feira 1 de Maio de Quinta-feira 2 de Maio de Sexta-feira 3 de Maio de Domingo 5 de Maio de Segunda-feira 6 de Maio de Terça-feira 7 de Maio de Quarta-feira 8 de Maio de Quinta-feira 9 de Maio de Sexta-feira 10 de Maio de Domingo 12 de Maio de Segunda-feira 13 de Maio de Terça-feira 14 de Maio de Quarta-feira 15 de Maio de Quinta-feira 16 de Maio de Sexta-feira 17 de Maio de Domingo 19 de Maio de Quarta-feira 22 de Maio de Quinta-feira 23 de Maio de Segunda-feira 3 de Junho de Terça-feira 4 de Junho de Quarta-feira 5 de Junho de Quinta-feira 6 de Junho de Sexta-feira 7 de Junho de Domingo 9 de Junho de Segunda-feira 10 de Junho de Terça-feira 11 de Junho de Quarta-feira 12 de Junho de Segunda-feira 17 de Junho de Terça-feira 18 de Junho de Quarta-feira 19 de Junho de Quinta-feira 20 de Junho de Domingo 23 de Junho de Segunda-feira 24 de Junho de Terça-feira 25 de Junho de Quarta-feira 26 de Junho de Quinta-feira 27 de Junho de Sexta-feira 28 de Junho de Domingo 30 de Junho de Segunda-feira 1 de Julho de Terça-feira 2 de Julho de Quarta-feira 3 de Julho de Quinta-feira 4 de Julho de Sexta-feira 5 de Julho de In subsequent years, Mercury began experimenting with various inflections of axé, drifting for a while deep into electronica, and her fan base dwindled accordingly — except in Bahia, that is, where she remained infallible.

Daniela began to study dance at age eight. Inspired by Elis Regina , she decided to take up singing, too. To the unease of her parents, she began singing in local bars, beginning in She made her trio elétrico debut soon afterward, during Carnaval da Bahia Mercury 's zeal for dance eventually led her to the Federal University of Bahia, where she enrolled in the school's dance program in A year later she became a mother, giving birth to Gabriel Almeida Póvoas, and a year after that, she welcomed into the world another child, Giovana Almeida Póvoas.

Mercury continued to pursue a career in music nevertheless, and at one point during the late '80s, she sang backup vocals for Gilberto Gil. In , she formed a pop band, Companhia Clic. Companhia Clic recorded two self-titled albums for Eldorado Records before Mercury went solo, recording Daniela for the same label and attaining her first taste of success.

It's a relatively bland album, marred by outdated synthesizers, yet it does boast "Swing da Cor," her first bona fide national hit.


Other noteworthy songs on Daniela are "Todo Canto Alegre," written by Carlinhos Brown , himself a future superstar, and also "Geléia Geral," written and originally performed by Gilberto Gil during his formative years.

The success of "Swing da Cor," which was among the most popular Brazilian songs of , opened many doors for Mercury , among them those of Sony, which promptly signed her to a major-label recording contract. Her debut for Sony, O Canto da Cidade , produced by Liminha , was an impressive leap forward artistically from her previous album. A celebration of Salvador, O Canto da Cidade became a sensation, propelled by its chart-topping title track. Not only was O Canto da Cidade the first Brazilian album to top a million in sales, but it remains her best-selling album to date, with millions of copies sold — and it continues to sell today.

Amid all of the fanfare surrounding the milestone success of O Canto da Cidade , Mercury kept pushing her career forward. She toured extensively in , playing her first international show, at the Ritz in New York City, that April.


She also went about recording a follow-up album, Musica de Rua , again produced by Liminha. A video for the title track, recorded in a Portuguese as well as a Spanish version, was filmed in New York City. Mercury wrote about half of the album's songs herself, and Brown notably shows up again as a songwriter, with "Folia de Rei. Chosen as the theme of the telenovela O Rei do Gado, "À Primeira Vista" became a towering hit, lodging itself at number one on the singles chart for weeks on end.

Brown 's "Rapunzel" was another big hit, its popularity extending all the way to Europe.

Daniela Mercury on TIDAL

Thanks in part to the critical acclaim for the album, she was warmly received most everywhere she went, especially in Portugal and France, where her recent singles had charted. Her shows no doubt impressed audiences unfamiliar with axé, as the emphasis of the concerts is as much on the "show" as it is on the music itself. Mercury is known well for her ability to dance almost constantly while singing, not so much as stopping to catch her breath or take a drink of water. Her energy level is incredible and often remarked upon.

Moreover, she's classy. Granted, she often dresses scantily and is beautiful as well as sexy; however, she intends no titillation, never flaunting herself, and presents herself as a strong woman thrilled to be on-stage singing and dancing for an audience.

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Recorded in Salvador in August , Elétrica showcases one such performance. A few frenetic medleys show up toward the end of the performance, which closes with fierce renditions of Brown 's "Rapunzel" and Gil 's "Toda Menina Baiana.

The intention seems to be that the album should have a little bit of something for everyone, and indeed, even though the core style is axé, it's inflected in a number of fashions, especially in terms of beat-driven electronic music. Sol da Liberdade is no masterpiece, but it's certainly interesting to contemplate and is a lot of fun to explore. Other highlights include "Groove de la Baiana," a popular song during Carnaval da Bahia , and "Axé Axé," one of two songs written by Caetano Veloso.

Critics weren't too impressed, and her fan base evidently wasn't either. Consequently, Sou de Qualquer Lugar sold poorly; in fact, it was her least-selling new album to date, not counting her non major-label debut.

À primeira vista

Mercury continued to struggle commercially in the years that followed, as her fan base seemed increasingly indifferent to her ever-changing styles. Eletrodoméstico seems promising enough in concept: stage a high-profile, star-studded concert for MTV, including new songs, old favorites, covers, and guest collaborations.

If anything, Eletrodoméstico was a disappointment on all counts. The same could be said of Carnaval Eletrônico , another collaborative album. Comprised of Brazilian electronica, it was overlooked by most non-Bahian consumers. To the delight of longtime fans, Balé Mulato , marketed in partnership with EMI in Brazil, for Mercury and Sony had previously parted ways, was her grand return to form.

From the packaging, which boasts a photograph of Mercury looking defiant at the Beija Flor de Nilópolis samba school in Rio de Janeiro's Baixada Fluminense district, to the music itself, Balé Mulato is wholeheartedly Bahian and Carnaval-esque.

There is no electronica nor any international crossover intentions; rather, it's an album intended to rally the base. The acclaim showered upon Balé Mulato revived interest in Mercury , who had been written off by some as a has-been, and she reveled in the limelight.

To kick off the album's release, she presented a gala performance at Carnaval da Bahia and filmed it.