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Moreover, these vocalizations can signal coupling accessibility and the social hierarchy of their partners. Reproductive cycles of the mangabey Cercocebus albigena. This site is not directly affiliated with Wickings Network. Nature Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. Moreover, the deposition of urine and feces can also constitute marking behavior Ewer , Rails and is part of an animal's olfactory communication system.

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Pp In: P. Sexual selection in primates: New and comparative perspectives. Causal knowledge of predators behaviour in wild Diana monkeys. Referential labelling in wild Diana monkeys. CEP: Corresponding author:. There is little consensus about which selective pressures fashioned primate colour vision, although detection of food, mates and predators has been hypothesized.

Behavioural evidence shows that males from different species of neotropical primates seem to perceive the timing of female conception and gestation; thus, the use of visual signals is expected in this group.

By registering the skin coloration of female marmosets Callithrix jacchus , and running a colour discrimination model, we show that chromatic variations occur in the genital area during the weeks that precede and succeed parturition, forming a U pattern.

According to our data, these variations can be perceived by males and females under three different light intensity levels dim, intermediate and high. We suggest that chromatic variation can be used as clues by expectant fathers to identify pregnancy stage in females and prepare for paternal burdens. Keyworlds: Colour vision, New World primates, pregnancy, visual polymorphism, light intensity, visual modelling. While Old World monkeys OWM have uniform colour vision, that is, all individuals are trichromats, New World monkeys NWM have colour vision polymorphism that is controlled by a single polymorphic gene locus on the X chromosome, resulting in dichromacy roughly equivalent to human red-green colour blindness in males and homozygous females and trichromacy also found in humans with normal colour vision in heterozygous females [1].

Three major selective pressures have been hypothesized as influencing the evolution of primate colour vision [2]: detection of food e. The last hypothesis has been studied only in OWM [] and strepsirhines [6], and no evidence in NWM has been reported.

Although studies on chromatic signalling are still non-existent, research in reproductive behaviour and physiology suggests that callitrichid males a NWM species can perceive the timing of conception and pregnancy stages in females []. In wild and captive marmosets Callithrix jacchus , reproductive pairs display higher rates of contact and mateguarding behaviour during conception [8,9]. In wild tamarin Leontopithecus rosalia groups, during pregnancy of resident females, males direct aggressions toward immigrant females [10].

Experiments in captivity show that when Callithrix jacchus and Saguinus oedipus females are pregnant, expectant males go through hormonal and physical changes and gain weight [11]. Apparently, males identify conception and pregnancy stage in order to enhance their food intake or change their metabolism so that the future fathers are prepared for their paternal duties [11], such as carrying offspring [12]. Interestingly, male behavioural and physical changes occur before foetal growth and female weight gain [11], suggesting the existence of other, as yet unidentified, cues from females during different reproductive phases.

It seems that the detection of socio-reproductive signals by males is highly adaptive, especially in socially monogamous species with extensive paternal care investment, such as marmosets [12]. Although the role of hormones in modifying the colour, size and texture of external genitalia is well documented for OWM [13] only one study has been conducted in NWM, where hormonally-induced coloration may also occur. This experiment, which considered the course of pregnancy in marmosets, observed a colour change in the vulval mucosa during the last four weeks of gestation [14], which might be a means of predicting imminent parturition.

Thus, using a visual modelling study, we test the hypothesis that, under naturally occurring light conditions, female marmosets show chromatic cues that may indicate the time of parturition to male and female conspecifics 2. Gestation age was estimated by transabdominal palpation [14] and counting backward from the day of parturition.

A total of 96 reflectance spectra coloration , from skin on the right and left side of the genitalia and inner thighs were measured and subsequently averaged, resulting in 48 spectra from both sides 24 from genitalia and 24 from thighs.

Moreover, the performance of one phenotype can be considered significantly better than another when the first distance exceeds the second by 1 JND [19].

As light levels in tropical forest vary extensively during the daytime [15], it is necessary to take into account different illumination effects on contrast sensitivity, since receptor noise acts according to the amount of light reaching the eye [17]. RESULTS A reduction in colour contrast during the last four weeks of pregnancy followed by an increase in the second week postpartum, forming a U feature, was found for all phenotypes and under all levels of illumination Figure 1.

To the best of our knowledge, this is also the first study to model the influence of luminosity on the identification of primate sexual skin colour. Our study reveals that, despite the intensity of available ambient light, the colour contrast between female sexual skin and the surroundings during parturition exhibits a U feature, which may indicate the time of birth.


When compared to intermediate and high illumination, dim light significantly enhances colour contrast, suggesting that this reproductive cue may be detected especially under natural conditions such as forest shade at the beginning or end of the day [15].

Indeed, this corroborates behavioural evidence obtained from captive common marmosets, showing that males are more sexually active [20] and direct higher rates of contact behaviour toward their reproductive pairs [9] until a. Although the U feature remains under intermediate and bright light, the colour contrast between genitalia and surroundings disappears just before parturition, dropping to.

Since they capture more photons, longer-wavelength pigments may have closer absorption peaks, making them more advantageous under low light intensities [22]. As reported by Perini et al. During pregnancy female common marmosets show hormonal variation characterized by an acute decrease of oestradiol and progesterone on the days preceding birth, as well as postpartum ovulation that generally occurs within 10 to 20 days after delivery [24].

Interestingly, this hormonal profile coincides with the chromatic variation pattern U feature described in our data, suggesting that a relationship between skin colour and hormonal levels during pregnancy. Earlier studies that have taken into account subjective human perception when investigating animal socio-reprodutive signals may have overestimated animal colour variation [25].

Since only colour visual models and some behavioural experiments consider the view of the beholder [25], future studies on mate selection that combine hormonal and chromatic contrast measurements during the female gestation period should be encouraged. We thank M. Vorobyev and R. Maia for elucidating questions about the model used in this manuscript, the marmoset husbandry staff for their cooperation and F. Coutinho for veterinary care. Jacobs, G.

H New World monkeys and color. Buchanan-Smith, H. M Recent advances in color vision research. Waitt, C. Setchell, J. A Is brightest best? Testing the Hamilton-Zuk hypothesis in mandrills. ChangizI, M. Clough, D.

M Individual facial coloration in male Eulemurfulvusrufus: A condition-dependent ornament?

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A South American Primates. Comparative Perspectives in the study of behavior, ecology, and conservation. In South American Primates eds. Garber, A. Estrada, J. Bicca-Marques, E. Heymann, K. Barreto, C. Master s thesis. Natal: UFRN.

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